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Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Subject: University of Iowa sponsored events, student organization programing, and student-related content.

Tone: Fun, candid, emojis and all caps are okay. Relevant to the 18-23 year old audience.


Platforms: Instagram (new as of March 2019) and Twitter

Subject: Angie Reams, The University of Iowa Interim Dean of Students and the resources her office engages with.

Tone: Formal, informative, caring, and supportive. Longer captions are okay.


Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Subject: Happenings in and related to The Iowa Memorial Union (IMU), The University of Iowa’s hub for student life.

Tone: A mix between @uistudentlife and @hawkeyedean, @uiowaimu is candid and quippy. Captions may still have emojis and all caps, however don’t be surprised to see longer informative posts as well.

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