An homage to my childhood love of comic books (Alan Moore's Watchmen in particular), with this clip I wanted to experiment with of stop-motion film making. The result is a combination of real time and stop-motion action that summarizes the life cycle of a painting.

Created by: Allaira Bartlett-Gray

Music by: Adin Herr

A Look Into SCOPE Productions

A behind-the-scenes look into what it takes for SCOPE Productions to bring entertainers to Iowa City, Iowa; from planning and talent buying, to the final performance.

Video Direction by: Allaira Bartlett-Gray

Video by: Roman Slabach


DACA Repeal Could Affect UI Student

An anonymous University of Iowa student sat down with Daily Iowan reporters to share how the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival policy (DACA) repeal could leave her at a higher risk of deportation.

Video Direction by: Allaira Bartlett-Gray

Video by: Roman Slabach, Tate Hildyard

Audio by: Cole Johnson


Queens in the Cornfield

An inside look at the thriving drag culture of Iowa City, Iowa. Centered around popular gay bar Studio 13, the club provides a platform for both new and seasoned drag queens to express themselves. 

Video Direction by: Allaira Bartlett-Gray

Video by: Tate Hildyard


The University of Iowa's First Female Drum Major

Student Analisa Iole discusses how meaningful it feels to be the University of Iowa's first female drum major. This video was created as a human interest piece for the award winning college newspaper, The Daily Iowan.

Video direction by: Allaira Bartlett-Gray

Video by: Brandon Paquin, Roman Slabach