Black Widow

For this prompt I was challenged to design a “monster”. My first thought was of those people who society deems monsters: serial killers such as black widows — women who kill their husbands for financial gain.

Given that the woman in this image is a killer, I wanted her to face to seem cold and uncaring. Large, bug-eyed sunglasses obscure any emotion her eyes might give away, but also relate to the glossy black eyes of real spiders. The abundance of red in this image relates to deadly nature of this person who — clothed in black — is likely in “mourning” for her latest kill. The spider background and hourglass of her necklace overtly relate to the namesake of this piece.

Set Her Free 1.jpg

Set Her Free Campaign

Set Her Free aims to educate the American public on the nature of modern sex trafficking in the United States and educate intervention specialists on how to rescue underage victims. When going about designing this campaign, I wanted to create impactful images that were also sensitive to the fact that children are the main subject. To do this, I created a simple girl icon and used it as a unifying subject throughout each poster. Chains and the red, yellow, black and blue color scheme are another unifying factor.

Physical Typography: Let’s Party

A challenge in creating physical typography, this image is a commentary on the dark side of partying. A mix between a party gone rouge and what could be a crime scene, the photo has been altered using Photoshop to create the offset blue pills.

Deck Design: Siegfried Odermatt

For this project I was charged with making a deck showcasing the work of Swiss designer Siegfried Odermatt. The challenge was that I was to do so in his own style. I chose treat his pieces as design elements that would help finish each slide’s composure. The diagonal directionality of the slides is true to his style, as are the colors and collage elements.

Swiss Resume

Swiss Resumé

Also inspired by Siegfried Odermatt (see above Deck Design), I redesigned my resumé as I imagined he would. Notice the minimal text, relatively restrained color palette, and again, heavy use of diagonal directionality.

Gestalt Principles


Although it may look like one composition, this piece is actually made of 6 5x5 squares each relating to a particular Gestalt principle. The 6 squares were designed with the intention of flowing together well when placed side by side. The principle of each square is as follows: top left — continuation, top middle — figure ground, top right — proximity, bottom left — similarity, bottom middle — symmetry, bottom right — closure.